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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a way of life at Serviceline to ensure we value our employees, support the local community & charities.

AFE Group recognise that our purchasing decisions impact on the community, the environment and the health, safety and welfare of the people we employ and those who use our products.

We seek to fairly and responsibly source the products and services we use with integrity and respect for the environment. We are committed to the use of sustainable materials, products and services we use through the assessment and approval of our suppliers and the supply chain.

We seek to engage with our suppliers to ensure they join us in upholding our commitments to health safety and welfare standards in order to demonstrate safe practices and to ensure the principles of our environmental policy are applied to reduce the impacts of our sourcing in areas such as packaging, transport and waste. We encourage the efficient use of materials so as to support renewable, recyclable and reduced waste. We aim to be a zero to landfill business.

We seek to avoid the use of hazardous materials and chemicals in favour of those that have a lower environmental impact.

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